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"I had a friend once who made us all feel taller. 

He was no better or worse than any of us, 

but the way he lived showed us that 

we were not the weak little kids we’d always been told. 

He made us stand up. He made us into better people. 

He’s dead now, somewhere out in those old sugar fields. - JUAN CORAZON - "SUGARFIELDS"

At the dawn of the 90's

Puerto Rico was the face of tropical life in the USA, on the surface the picture perfect locale, sun kissed beaches and postcard people were the beginning and end of the island getaway. But the truth is a lot darker. As the physical gateway into the United States, Puerto Rico suffers from a great plague, a plague of men that seek to exploit its produce, its position, its politics. One such cartel is that of dope and coke. The controlling order of the illicit empire of drug trafficking eliminates any and all who interfere, and for the largest drugs market in the world few would stand in the way.

Jerry Avilés

Jerry Avilés

Few men are that of this family line, that of embattled drug-dealer Juan Corazon (Jerry Avilés). The Heart. The beating center of our shrinking, silent cries for freedom. They have a generational tendency for truth, regardless of the guise it comes in.

Anna Demidova

Anna Demidova

A classic story

of murder, betrayal, secrets and revelations. Where generations are interlinked like the coral reef chains under deep water cliff edges surrounding the island. Inspired by true stories and revelations about the complicit factions of dark organizationalism an corruption within FBI and police forces throughout the Caribbean, combined with governmental desire for increased revenue, SUGARFIELDS is a story that restates the lines of understood reality.

Starring J.W. Cortés of the hit series Gotham and featuring two-time winner of Dancing with the Stars USAAnna DemidovaJulian Ernesto Figueroa of the cult Latin hit 200 Cartasand David Davila Pagan, featured in the Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake film Runner, Runner.


Yamnia Diaz

Yamnia Diaz


turns by breakthrough actors including Jerry Avilés Jesús La Salle, Yamnia Diaz, Manuel Alucea, Ramon Cintron, Maria Cardona, Yavier Shalim, Isaac St. Fleur, Nelson Nieves, George Espinosa, Fabian Rivera and German Alejandro.

A Cerebral Productions/Lava House Entertainment LLC co-production. 



Michael Biggam


David Mondin, Michael Biggam, David Davila and Andrew McLaren.


Michael Biggam


Michael Biggam



Jerry Avilés...  Juan Corazon

J.W. Cortés...  Detective Nicolas "Nico" Lawson

Jesus Reyes la Salle...  Moises Azarola

Anna Demidova...  Anjä 

Julian Ernesto Figueroa...  Padre Jesus

Yamnia Diaz...  Alondra

Isaac St. Fleur...  Javier

David Davila Pagan...  Agent Kowalsky

Alucia Manuel Alberto...  Brother Illiano

George Omar Espinosa...  Hector

Nelson Nieves...  Donkey Joe

Maria Isabel Cardona Quiles...  Sister Maria

Mike Fox...  Psycho

Yavier Shalim...  Agent Cardona

Alexandra Bellido Soto...  Sister Alexandra

German Alejandro... Detective Carlos "McGyver" Alvarez

Mark Castro... Karma

Uzziel Faris... Rookie Cop

Angel Fabián Rivera Alicea...  Robber

George Rexach...  Police Officer

Ramón Cintron...  Papi

Naya Taina Rivera...  Leon's Mother

Andrew McLaren...  Cartel Soldier

Jorge Navarro...  Prison Officer



David Mondin & Michael Biggam


Camera, sound and Electrical Department

Ronald Delucia... First Camera Operator

Ronald Sanchez...Stills Photographer

Antonio Alvarez... Sound Recordist


AD Department

Rachell Russinyol


Ebie Rodriguez, Polly Paloma, Gitana de la Luz


Margarita Ann


Produced by

David Mondin...producer

Michael Biggam...producer

David Davila Pagan...executive producer

Andrew McLaren...executive producer

Julian Ernesto Figueroa... associate producer

Jesus Reyes LaSalle... associate producer